python requests的content和text方法的区别

requests模块的content和text属性的区别,从print 结果来看是没有任何区别的。从源码描述信息上来看,可以发现resp.text返回的是Unicode型的数据、resp.content返回的是bytes型也就是二进制的数据。也就是说,如果你想取文本,可以通过r.text。如果想取图片,文件,则可以通过r.content。如果要取回json数据,可以使用resp.json()返回json格式。


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    def text(self):
        """Content of the response, in unicode.
        If Response.encoding is None, encoding will be guessed using
        The encoding of the response content is determined based solely on HTTP
        headers, following RFC 2616 to the letter. If you can take advantage of
        non-HTTP knowledge to make a better guess at the encoding, you should
        set ``r.encoding`` appropriately before accessing this property.
    def content(self):
        """Content of the response, in bytes."""


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import requests
jpg_url = ''
content = requests.get(jpg_url).content
with open('demo.jpg', 'wb') as fp:
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